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Welcome to Jolimont Alpaca Hay Sales the website dedicated to suit all your hay needs buy direct and save

Looking to buy some Hay ??? Situated 30 minutes North of Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne - Victoria - Australia.


Jolimont Alpaca can cater for bales of Lucerne Hay, Grass Hay, Oaten Hay and more, at competitive prices. Operating on a family owned property, we have been producing and supplying top quality Hay on the farm for over 20 years.


Bulk buy & Interstate hay enquiries are welcome! Delivery available*.. Freight can be arranged from our local providers, ask us for contact details....

hay in victoria, meloburne

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Here at Jolimont Alpaca we aim to provide the best quality and service to our customers.

See below to view a large variety of Hay we produce and keep an eye out for specials........

hay in victoria, melbourne

Lucerne Round Bales
Small Grass Bales
Small Oaten Bales

Small Lucerne Bales

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Making Hay

Hay production and harvest, colloquially known as "making hay", "haymaking", or "doing hay,"involves a multiple step process: cutting, drying or "curing," processing, and storing.Hayfields do not have to be reseeded each year in the way that grain crops are,but regular fertilizing is usually desirable, and overseeding a field every few years helps increase yield.Methods and the terminology to describe the steps of making hay has varied greatly throughout history, and many regional variations still exist today.However, whether done by hand or by modern mechanized equipment, tall grass and legumes at the proper stage of maturity must be cut, then allowed to dry (preferably by the sun), then raked into long, narrow piles known as windrows.

Hay has a good nutrition value, used as a stock feed for cattle, sheep, horses, alpacas and more....

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